The Reading Curriculum
for Third through Twelfth Grades

Ready...Set...Read! uses a noteworthy and proven curriculum published by Science Research Associates (SRA) called Direct Instruction.

Educational Assessment

A brief educational assessment is conducted to determine the student’s reading level.  A Direct Instruction Placement  (D.I.) test is given to decide which of the Corrective Reading or decoding programs would be most appropriate.  If the student appears to have difficulty with basic language development and comprehension, a D.I. language comprehension assessment will be given as well.  If necessary, a reading fluency placement test will be administered to determine at what lesson your child should be placed in the fluency program

Reading Mastery III, IV, V, VI

At the higher Reading Mastery reading levels, social studies and science texts become a large part of the reading material. The skills developed in these programs provide the child with the ability to:

Corrective Reading

The corrective aspect of the program is aimed at third graders and above who are struggling with reading and are not close to their grade level.

Program Length:

If your child is in level B-1, your child will go from being a mid-first grade reader to a 3rd grade reader in 65 lessons.

Level B-2 also has 65 lessons and it will take your child from being a 3rd grade reader to a 5th grade reader.

Level C has 165 lessons and will take your child from being a 5th grade reader to an 8th grade reader.

Reading Fluency

Read Naturally is a fluency program proven to increase the speed at which a child reads and comprehends written material.  It is designed to be used with first through twelfth grade students. 

Program Length:

Length of time in the program is determined by the placement level and the individual plan and parent objectives discussed at the time of the first meeting.

Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension is most often addressed through the use of the Reading Mastery, Corrective Reading, and Read Naturally programs.  There are times when it appears a more comprehensive program is needed.  Direct Instruction Comprehension may then implemented.

Program Length:

Length of time in the program is determined by the specific skills that need to be taught and the individual plan and parent objectives  discussed at the time of the first meeting.