The Reading Curriculum
for Kindergarten through Second Grade

Ready...Set...Read! uses a noteworthy and proven curriculum published by Science Research Associates (SRA) called Direct Instruction.

This curriculum has been shown to be successful in independent scientific research studies.

Direct Instruction differs from other reading programs in two specific ways:

  1. This curriculum teaches skills in a carefully programmed sequence. Each skill builds on the previous skill. The sequence of skills is structured so that the children master all the skills they need for more complicated tasks. Skills that are taught are continuously practiced.

  2. This program is highly interactive, and it uses immediate, gentle, matter of fact corrections when a child errs.


During each lesson, the teacher carefully observes each child's performance. Teaching to criterion is an important part of the program since one wants to make sure that a skill is firm before moving on. The children are also given Mastery Tests.

Rate and accuracy performance and workbooks are checked each session. Individual reading checkouts take place at each session.

Reading Mastery I

In Reading Mastery I, the program provides the kind of instruction that is needed to teach basic skills. This includes:

Sounds are taught individually. These sounds are put together to make words, and then words are put together to make sentences. Sentences are woven into stories, and, by the end of Reading Mastery I, the child has read several short decodable story books.

Decoding and comprehension skills are carefully sequenced.

Reading Mastery I takes a non-reader to a 2nd grade reading level.

Reading Mastery II

Reading Mastery II expands on basic reading strategies. The focus is on accuracy, fluency, difficult words, and answering interpretive comprehension questions. Basic reasoning skills such as drawing conclusions and applying rules are emphasized. This would take a student reading at a 2nd grade level to a 3rd grade reading level.

Reading Mastery Fast Cycle

Fast Cycle combines Reading Mastery I and II. This would take a non-reader to a 3rd grade reading level.

The Language Curriculum

Language for Learning

Language for Learning is a Direct Instruction program aimed at teaching basic concepts necessary for school success and reading comprehension.  If it appears that this program is important to implement, it would be taught alongside the decoding program selected.