Child Reading

Reading is one of the most critical skills a student learns in school.  An expectation in most school districts is that by the time a student completes third grade, the student will have acquired basic reading skills and will be able to successfully and independently read grade level material.  It is also expected that by the time a student enters fourth grade the student is “reading to learn”, not learning to read.  Yet, for many children this expectation is not met.  There are many students who have significant difficulties in one or more of the various components of the reading process.  Frequently students have difficulty with basic decoding (sounding out words, word recognition). Reading fluency may be affected.  Research shows that reading fluency is often related to difficulty with recall of material and reading comprehension

Ready…Set…Read! offers a unique, specialized, and interactive reading program designed specifically to meet the needs of each student.

Educational Assessment

All of the tutoring programs begin with an educational assessment.  Either informal or formal reading assessments are administered.

Program Length

The length of the program is individually determined for each child based upon their initial assessment and the objectives of the parent.

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