Testimonials/Comments from Parents & Students



Dear Rosanne,

Thank you for helping me!

Adam, 7 years old

Dear Rosanne,

I just had to drop you a line and let you know how much we have appreciated all the work you have done with Ryann. After years of falling through the cracks, failing classes, and hating school, I can finally say she is enjoying English for the first time. Ryann's comprehension level is well above her age level. She actually enjoys reading now. This was absolutely your doing. Without your time and patience with her, she would still be lost. Thank you again.

Wendy and Alan Melton

Just wanted to thank you for teaching my son (Jwaun) to read. He recently won a spelling bee at his new school (Curtain Academy). His winning word was ornaments! WOW! All thanks to you. Don't ever stop helping children to succeed.

An overjoyed mom,
Gale Burnside

My son goes to Ms. Gilman one on one for reading lessons twice a week. He started in November of 2003. Rosanne Gilman has been and still is, in my opinion, a "Godsend".

My son who is six years old could not read when he entered first grade. His teacher told me not to worry because boys start slower than girls. After speaking with parents of "boy" children, I was in a panic learning they could read. That's when I found Ms. Gilman. After speaking with her for the first three minutes, I was convinced she could do the job where MPS failed.

My son started in November of 2003 and was able to recognize sounds after the first lesson. He was sounding words after four lessons. It has now been four months (about 12 lessons, taking off for holidays) and he's able to read! His school teacher was surprised when she re-tested him at my request.

I give all credit where credit is due, Ms. Rosanne Gilman. I would recommend Ms. Gilman for children who can read — to improve their reading, those who have trouble — to regain confidence, and for those who cannot read — to see smiles and sparkles in their eyes in a short time once they can.

Very truly,
Gale Q. Burnside

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